About Tripsy Holidays

WELCOME TO TRIPSY Are you an Indian Travel Agent looking for a reliable partner in Eastern India? This is where your search ends. The future of tourism in India, lies in the treasure house of North East India. The most fascinating, beautiful, culturally diverse and geographically mesmerising region is a cultural cauldron and a biological hotspot. No wonder tourism in North East is growing at a far greater rate than the rest of the country. As a travel agent, you definitely would like to take advantage of this changing scenario. However the complexity of the region may put you off quite easily. There are 9 states of India that are geographically part of the north east and Bhutan, our neighbor, is also adjacent. With a total area of about 2,70,000 sq km in India and, close to 40,000 sq. km of Bhutan, the geographical region is about 8 times the size of Kerala.